The Importance of Proving Who Was Responsible for an Accident in Colorado

Even a minor seeming car accident can cause serious injuries to one or more of the involved parties. Being sure to get in touch with Denver Car Accident Attorney as soon as possible after any remotely significant collision will always be wise.

Proving Fault is the Key to Obtaining Compensation

Up until 2003, Colorado was what is termed a “no fault” state with regard to how responsibility was assigned for accidents. This meant that drivers relied upon their own insurance coverage to pay for their medical expenses and property damage in each and every case, regardless of the nature of the accident.

While that arrangement made things fairly simple, it also meant that drivers tended to face escalating insurance premiums even when they remained responsible and defensive on the roads. Over time, it became clear that the more conventional, adversarial approach to assigning responsibility for accidents would benefit the average driver more.

As a result, legislators passed an overhaul of the relevant laws and regulations to make Colorado an “at fault” state. This means that it will normally be necessary to prove that another driver was the cause of an accident when that happens to have been the case. While a few drivers sometimes end up being able to accomplish this on their own, most will be far better advised to make contact with a Denver accident attorney, instead.

Attorneys Have the Skills Needed to Secure Compensation for Clients

Unfortunately, some drivers who find themselves involved in accidents fail to take this crucial step. Doing so can mean being ultimately left on the hook for mounting medical bills, lost wages, and other significant costs.

Consulting with a Denver car accident Attorney will always be a much more productive and advisable move. That will mean being able to have the details of a case assessed quickly and accurately, so as to learn whether it might make sense to retain the services of the lawyer.

By working with an accident attorney Denver residents will always improve their odds of obtaining the compensation that is owed to them. Lawyers are far better equipped than laypeople to negotiate with insurers early on, when far too many accident victims end up accepting excessively low settlement offers or otherwise failing to protect their interests.

An attorney will also be prepared to argue the matter in court, if that should become necessary. Even just having this threat hanging over the head of an insurer can make an appropriate settlement offer much easier to elicit.